How one-click pricing provides true fuels price optimization

  • How one-click pricing provides true fuels price optimization

    The ability to make one-click price changes at all retail fuels locations is critical when optimizing fuel prices because it reduces the potential for human keying errors, streamlines the overall fuel pricing process, and ensures maximum fuel profitability. Retail fuel managers frequently face the frustration of not being able to react quickly enough to changing market conditions. Interference, be it from technology or the environment, can hold back price changes, and prevent the optimized prices from reaching the street. By the time the prices do change, it may be too late, as the competition has already leapfrogged to a new price based on newer market fluctuations.

    A centralized process for managing fuel price changes to all locations removes the store manager from the loop and increases speed-to-the-street. Tracking and analyzing fuel prices can now be done by a fuel analyst at headquarters giving store managers more face time to interact with customers. By leveraging technology and improving traditional company processes, these overburdened store managers can be freed up to oversee tasks within the store, more effectively handle store operations, and provide better customer service.

    The ability to automate fuel price changes at the POS, fuel pumps, and electronic price displays is one key differentiator between the patented PriceAdvantage SMART fuel pricing software solution and other solutions in the industry. The ability to immediately execute price changes within a region, location, or market means you have the right strategy prices in place at the right time to offset your competition. Traditional fuel pricing models relay fuel price changes gradually from one channel to another, allowing for interruptions, miscommunication, human error, and delay after delay. Removing store managers from the critical path eliminates these delays by creating a direct channel from pricing to implementation.

    The patented PriceAdvantage SMART fuel price management solution provides analysis of the competitive landscape and a complete picture of the optimal prices in each market. Then fuel managers can use PriceAdvantage to automate the entire fuel price change execution process, including price change confirmation at the POS, sign and pumps, to maximize overall fuel profitability. PriceAdvantage provides a complete picture of the playing field, allowing fuel managers to attain true fuels price optimization day in and day out.

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