Pennsylvania state senate to vote on natural gas credits

  • Pennsylvania state senate to vote on natural gas credits

    The Pennsylvania state house passed three natural gas tax credit programs, and sent them to the state senate for review. If passed, Pennsylvania will provide financial help for companies to convert approximately 1000 fleet vehicles to natural gas. In addition, the program provides $5m for building 10 natural gas refueling stations in high traffic corridors. The program also provides incentives to purchase heavy duty vehicles that run on natural gas.

    It is too early to know for sure if the Pennsylvania state senate will also pass the program, but if it does, Pennsylvania would be one more state acknowledging the importance of natural gas as an alternative fuel. And from a fuel price management standpoint, c-stores in the state like Rutter’s, Royal Farms, and Sheetz would be wise to start planning for a time when natural gas becomes part of their fuels product portfolio so they take advantage of the new opportunity natural gas customers provide.

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