Kroger to expand electric charging station network to 300

  • Kroger to expand electric charging station network to 300

    Kroger announced they will increase their number of electric vehicle charging stations, in partnership with ECOtality, Inc. This expansion project will bring the total number of Kroger EV charging stations to almost 300. Kroger already operates 60 EV charging stations in Oregon and Washington, and 14 EV charging stations in Texas. The announced expansion will bring Kroger EV stations to Phoenix, San Diego and Los Angeles.

    The 225 new charging stations include 200 level 2 (quick charge) stations, and 25 DC Fast Chargers. DC Fast Chargers enable customers to charge an electric vehicle battery up to 80 percent capacity in less than 30 minutes. ECOtality has 144 DC Fast Chargers across the US.

    This Kroger partnership is one of ECOtality’s largest in terms of single retail company station networks. Earlier this year ECOtality announced an expanded partnership with Sears, where 17 additional charging stations were added.

    ECOtality has over 3300 combined public and private charging stations throughout the US, including over 800 in California, 750 in Oregon, and 670 in Tennessee.

    The number of gasoline stations stands at 160,000 and thus still dwarfs the total number of EV charging stations. Nonetheless, fuel analysts would be wise to keep a watchful eye on their markets and anticipate when it may make sense to add electricity to their product portfolio. Spinx store #149 at 1619 Decker Blvd in Columbia SC is an example of a c-store that has added an EV charging station to its location.