New fast fill CNG pump in South Carolina

  • New fast fill CNG pump in South Carolina

    In the city of Greer, South Carolina, the Greer Commission of Public Works has installed a new fast fill CNG station with two hoses. The fast fill stations take 3-4 minutes, where the slow fill stations require an entire overnight visit. The 3-4 minute refill is a critical metric because it is equivalent to how long it takes to fill up using traditional fuel.

    Unleaded gas is averaging $3.35 per gallon in Greenville County and the CNG cost is $1.70 for the gas gallon equivalent (GGE). That makes CNG half the price of unleaded for the cars and trucks that can access the station.

    The Commission of Public Works has three CNG vehicles now, with two more coming in Q2. In addition, several local companies including AT&T and Frito-Lay have shown interest in refueling at the CNG station.

    Obviously the GPW is an early adapter in the area of CNG, but other utility companies have said they are already saving $100 per day by operating their garbage trucks on CNG, so clearly GPW is not the first in the marketplace.

    This is one more indicator that fuel managers would be wise to monitor the adoption of CNG as a fuel alternative, as CNG continues to gain momentum and mindshare. Perhaps in 3-5 years, or maybe sooner, it would be time to make plans to include CNG in your product offering.

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