Maximizing fuel price management efficiencies via multiple devices

  • Maximizing fuel price management efficiencies via multiple devices

    In a recent issue of Advertising Age, I came across an interesting insert from a company named Collective about reaching people across all their multiple devices. It was written from the perspective of breaking down silos between devices when building an advertising campaign, so people will get the same message while watching TV, as they get while browsing the Web from their smart phone, tablet, or PC.

    One of the parts of the document discussed the prevalence of people owning multiple devices, the most common time of day people use each device, and the nature of the tasks they perform while on each device.

    From a fuel price management perspective, this discussion caught my attention because fuel analysts must be highly attentive to the dynamic market in which they compete, including while travelling, after hours during the business week, and on weekends. In order to still have a personal life, fuel analysts are turning to their mobile devices to monitor changes, and to respond to those changes quickly. For example, it is now possible using PriceAdvantage from a tablet or smart phone to review a set of proposed price changes triggered by competitor price movements, and strategy business rules built to respond to those competitor price movements. Using PriceAdvantage on a mobile device, fuel analysts can review store and market performance to make an informed decision about what the new optimized price should be. And from that tablet or smart phone the fuel analyst can use PriceAdvantage to initiate the price change and track the status of the price change, paying special attention when price changes are deemed late.

    The beauty of all this is that fuel analysts can quickly take care of business from the field during half time of their kids’ soccer game, or from the couch during March Madness. Fuel analysts have these devices with them all the time anyway, so allowing these devices to increase fuel pricing efficiencies only makes sense. In the case of one territory manager of a Skyline customer, PriceAdvantage was the tipping point to convince him to buy a smart mobile device just so he could take care of business while away from the desk.

    Even if you don’t own a mobile device, having PriceAdvantage at your finger tips is a logical replacement to the headaches of the homegrown Excel-based fuel price management solution because it improves efficiencies while on business travel. One customer told us of the nightmares of being away from the office in the days before PriceAdvantage. He would have the office assistant email all the spreadsheets he needed, but since he didn’t have access to a printer, he would try to make sense of it all on a tiny laptop screen. Because it was such a handicap to be away from the office, he would only take care of pricing a subset of stores and hope for the best with the others when he was on business travel. Now that PriceAdvantage is in place, he allows the assistant at the home office to accept the proposed prices at those stores where the strategy pricing rules have generated proposed prices where all the strategy criteria is met, so he can focus on the remaining exceptions. And with his laptop and a VPN connection, he can access the entire fuel price management system and have access to all the rich analysis and optimization capabilities it provides. Being away on business is no longer a hindrance, and he doesn’t even miss a beat while on the road.

    Whether you’re checking email on the smart phone first thing in the morning or last thing at night, or using the tablet while refueling at Starbucks, or in a hotel between store visits, PriceAdvantage allows you to always be in touch, and always operate at peak efficiency.


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