Stewart Spinks of The Spinx Company compliments PriceAdvantage fuel pricing solution

  • Stewart Spinks of The Spinx Company compliments PriceAdvantage fuel pricing solution

    “We couldn’t be happier that PriceAdvantage has replaced our previous fuel pricing solution. It is a superior tool in that it gives us the ability to pull historical data easily, manage multiple price changes per day, and provide a user-friendly interface at the headquarters and store level.” So says Stewart Spinks, founder of The Spinx Company and member of the Convenience Store News Industry Hall of Fame. The Spinx Company uses PriceAdvantage as their fuel price optimization software to manage all their c-stores across South and North Carolina.

    “We needed a solution that would allow our managers to spend more time taking care of our customers instead of entering data that was already available through our POS systems,” adds Mr. Spinks. “PriceAdvantage has saved Spinx store managers an estimated 45 per minutes per day as they no longer enter volume or sales data. Additionally, we are implementing price changes faster and more accurately than ever as PriceAdvantage changes prices from the POS to the pump and electronic price signs with one click. We are extremely happy with our decision to install PriceAdvantage across our network of stores. PriceAdvantage has reduced the amount of time it takes us to respond to competitor moves as well as other market conditions.”

    The PriceAdvantage team has established a strong partnership with The Spinx Company, as is typical of the relationships we like to establish with all our customers. These partnerships inevitably lead to ever improving features in the PriceAdvantage software. With Valero, it was heat maps, robust store and market performance analytics, and fuel price optimization. With Cefco it was powerful fuel pricing strategy business rules. With The Spinx Company it was a series of reports that provide business insight in numerous ways, and most recently the ability to text a store manager when a price change has been submitted.

    The PriceAdvantage team is proud to have such a strong partnership with The Spinx Company, a partnership that leads to mutually beneficial ongoing improvements in the business at both of our companies.

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