GasBuddy Trip Cost Calculator great tool for holiday travel

  • GasBuddy Trip Cost Calculator great tool for holiday travel

    Everyone knows that GasBuddy provides rich content for gas station pricing in cities all across the US. GasBuddy makes it easy to view a list of fuel prices across a city and view the location of each c-store with its fuels prices.

    But what fuel analysts may not know is that GasBuddy also provides a valuable “Trip Cost Calculator” tool on their website. This tool allows travelers to plan their trips based on a start and end destination, miles per gallon for their auto, and tank size. The tool then provides a Google map view of the optimal route with directions, along with the best location to stop for gas, and the current cost of gas at that location.

    From a fuel pricing strategy perspective, this is yet one more motivation to integrate fuel price optimization software to GasBuddy OpenStore so that each time a price change occurs, the latest information is automatically posted to GasBuddy. This insures that your locations always appear on the GasBuddy map, with the most accurate fuels prices.

    Mutual PriceAdvantage and OpenStore customers including Valero, Parker’s, Family Express and Rutter’s have already integrated their fuel pricing strategy with GasBuddy OpenStore. These industry leaders have proven they know what it takes to succeed in the fuel price management world, and how to leverage the best technology to win.

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