Gilbarco Partnership

  • Gilbarco Partnership

    Partnership with Gilbarco critical to the closed loop fuel price management process

    Today’s announcement of the partnership between PriceAdvantage and Gilbarco Veeder-Root is critical for those companies looking for a closed loop fuel price management system that includes the Gilbarco Passport POS.

    Using PriceAdvantage at the headquarters office, the fuel manager can analyze store performance, review the latest competitor survey information, choose an optimized price for a store or market, and send out the price changes. And here is the part of the process where this partnership is so strategic – without relying on the store manager, the price changes are deployed to the POS and pump, as well as the electronic price sign, and then a confirmation message is sent back to headquarters notifying the fuel manager that the price change is complete, with a time and date stamp. The fuel manager then has a historical reference of what prices are where and at what time – there is no more second guessing or ambiguity surrounding what price is really at the street, and whether or not the store manager did what I told him to do.

    PriceAdvantage is not new to the POS system environment; integrations to Radiant and Verifone are already proven in the field at numerous customer sites. PriceAdvantage customers who are customers of Gilbarco Passport, whether 100% or in a mixed POS environment, can now include the Passport POS in their closed loop fuel price management system.

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