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  • MasterCard SpendingPulse

    According to the most recent MasterCard SpendingPulse study, fuel consumption declined 3% over the past 52 weeks. That equates to 4.2 billion gallons.

    According to John Gamel, who oversees MasterCard SpendingPulse’s weekly consumption report, part of the reason for the decline is that people have purchased vehicles with better gas mileage. Average gas mileage is now 24 miles per gallon, compared to 20 mpg in 2008.

    Experts agree this trend of declining fuel consumption is bound to continue. From a fuel price management perspective, it’s clear that as convenience stores continue to fight for an ever shrinking fuel market, competition will continue to be tough. Only the c-store chains with the most effective fuel pricing technology will survive.

    This information was reported by Convenience Store News in an article here.

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