Spinx’s Closed Loop Fuel Pricing

  • Spinx’s Closed Loop Fuel Pricing

    The March 2012 issue of NPN magazine and www.NPNweb.com has a great article about the strategic importance of the integration between electronic price signs and fuel price management systems. Stewart Spinks, CEO of The Spinx Company, and long time PriceAdvantage and Skyline sign customer, is featured in the article.

    “We can move very quickly as costs change,” Spinks says. “Some suppliers do multi-day changes. Central cost monitoring and speed of price changes can ‘signal the street’ of our desire to pass on increases or decreases to the market. If competitors don’t react within two hours, Spinx can react expediently. Furthermore, the staff does not have to stop serving customers to physically go ‘post the prices.’”

    With PriceAdvantage and Skyline electronic price signs, Spinx has a comprehensive closed loop fuel price management solution, allowing fuel price optimization from cost and competitor price monitoring at the store and at HQ, to rapid deployment of those prices, optimized for each market.

    The full NPN online article may be found here.

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