Greg Parker Interview

  • Greg Parker Interview

    In the March 21, 2012 issue of the Convenience Store News Special Features > Business Focus, the section “Issues and Leaders with Don Longo” is an interview with Greg Parker of The Parker Companies, a PriceAdvantage customer.

    The Parker Companies uses PriceAdvantage in the cloud for their fuel price management of 27 convenience stores in South Carolina and southeast Georgia. In the interview, Don Longo lists fuel price management software among the key industry-leading latest technology programs in place at The Parker Companies. Mr. Parker explains how critical managing the price of fuel is to the business, given the current market conditions.

    Longo: Please comment on the most significant developments relating specifically to the convenience industry.

    Parker: As the number of stores increases and the overall consumption of gas decreases, there is greater competition in our industry than ever before. Gas consumption has decreased by 4.5 percent as consumers drive more fuel-efficient vehicles and become more mindful of their driving habits in light of high gas prices. Everyone is fighting for a greater market share, which means everyone has to get better at what they do. To me, this is an inspiring development in our industry because it forces everyone to step up their game.

    The CSN interview may be found here.

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