CSP Reports Retail Fuel Margins

  • CSP Reports Retail Fuel Margins

    According to CSP Daily News, the convenience store industry is facing the lowest retail fuel margins in years. Lower retail fuel margins so far in 2012 are a result of wholesale fuels costs rising more rapidly than retail fuels prices.

    During the last week of February 2012, retail fuel margins were the lowest in over two years.

    “Estimates of January retail fuel margins by publicly owned c-store companies showed gasoline margins for the month decreased 15% compared to the previous year…”. The article continued “National retail fuel margins averaged 12.9 CPG for the month of January, down approximately 2.3 CPG year over year.”

    From a fuel price management perspective, it’s clear there is only one way to stay afloat: carefully monitor the daily and even hourly changes in fuels costs, monitor competitor retail fuel prices hourly, and quickly implement fuel price changes to optimize retail fuel margins. C-store chains relying on the outdated methods of spreadsheets, emails and phone calls simply can’t keep up with today’s wildly dynamic retail fuel pricing environment.

    The original CSP Daily News article may be found here.

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