CSNews: C-Store Chain Sold

  • CSNews: C-Store Chain Sold

    We’re now in a time of survival of the fittest, where only the strongest c-store chains in the retail fuel business will survive. An article in Convenience Store News today references the sale of another c-store chain, this time one that had been in business for 27 years. The original owning family cites a completely business environment – gas prices and competition are up, but fuel margins are down.

    From a fuel price management perspective, this sale is just one more indicator of how tough it is out there, and how much an effective fuel price management solution is needed. Without a complete fuel price management technology solution to effectively monitor and manage volumes, competitor and store pricing, and daily retail fuel margin, a chain simply can’t compete. It’s too tough of an environment to take too long to respond to competitor and cost changes, and to miss the retail fuel margin windows of opportunity.

    While it’s one thing to come up with what the fuel prices should be at each of your stores, it’s completely different to know when the price changes actually took effect. What good is it to know what the prices should be, when the prices don’t hit the street until 5 to 7 hours later, and you’ve missed your window? Fuel price change confirmation is critical to the entire fuel price management cycle.

    The Convenience Store News article may be found here.

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