Sheetz opening 100 NC stores by 2019

  • Sheetz opening 100 NC stores by 2019

    Stan Sheetz, the CEO of Sheetz Inc., said in a Fox TV interview that Sheetz will be opening 100 new stores in North Carolina over the next 8 years. Sheetz has previously announced that North Carolina and West Virginia are its top markets for expansion.

    Mr. Sheetz also said in the interview that when a new store opens, they open with a “very, very aggressive” fuel price. State laws in North Carolina allow for stores to have fuel prices below cost for the first 10 days of opening. Mr. Sheetz said “…when a store opens, Sheetz drops the price below cost, resulting in long lines and a lot of buzz.”

    Sheetz has a strong partnership with Skyline Products for both electronic price signs and PriceAdvantage fuel pricing software. Sheetz uses this synergy to quickly adjust fuel prices at the electronic price sign, POS and pump. This round trip fuels pricing solution allows Sheetz to reach peak operational efficiency with their fuels price management.

    From a fuels price management perspective, Sheetz competitors in North Carolina can expect aggressive fuel prices, especially aggressive during the first 10 days after opening a new store when Sheetz will likely price their fuel below cost.

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