Yes, Exxon, It Is Hard To Make Money Selling Fuels to Customers

  • Yes, Exxon, It Is Hard To Make Money Selling Fuels to Customers

    Today Convenience Store News announced that Exxon just completed the sale of nearly 300 c-stores. Back in 2008, Exxon told USA Today they wanted to sell its c-stores because “it’s so hard to make money selling gas and diesel fuel to customers.”

    Yes, Exxon, the days are over when you could simply open a store, fly your flag, and make money selling fuel. The retail fuel market is more dynamic and more competitive than ever. Fuel costs change daily, competitors are increasingly aggressive, and consumers are careful to pick where they buy fuel. It’s certainly not a business for the faint of heart.

    And that’s precisely where fuel price management solutions like PriceAdvantage come in. Fuel Analysts use PriceAdvantage to quickly see what has changed in the market over night, and in a matter of minutes, their stores are implementing price changes to react. PriceAdvantage allows them to get the right price to the right store at the right time, not eight hours after the morning commute, but in time to maximize their fuel profits that same business day. Fuel Analysts use PriceAdvantage to carefully review their store / region / market performance by fuel margin and fuel volume, compared to target, and compared to last week, last month, and last year. Fuel Analysts make adjustments to fuel pricing strategies and tweak and tune to make necessary adjustments based on market changes, and to optimize prices across the enterprise. When competitor fuel prices change throughout the day, Fuel Analysts can choose to quickly respond with fuel price changes of their own no matter where they are, using their laptop or smart phone.

    C-stores simply can’t compete by managing fuels prices with the old methods of spreadsheets, phone calls, and emails. It takes the closed loop fuels price management solution of PriceAdvantage to be profitable and to stay in the fuels price game.

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