Unleaded Fuel Prices Rise Another $.03 Nationwide

  • Unleaded Fuel Prices Rise Another $.03 Nationwide

    In today’s US Energy Information Adminstration weekly fuel price report, the USEIA revealed another $.03 increase for Unleaded Regular fuel. The US national average retail fuel price of unleaded gasoline now sits at $3.59/gallon, a gallon of midgrade rose to $3.71, and a gallon of premium rose to $3.83. Fuel prices have now risen $.46 in the last six weeks, and are now at their highest levels since September 2008.

    The regional area hit hardest was the West Coast once again, along with the Rocky Mountain region, where the average price for unleaded rose $.06 to $3.91/gallon on the West Coast and $3.44/gallon in the Rocky Mountains. Despite the $.06 increase, the fuel prices in the Rocky Mountains are still the lowest there of any other region. The lowest increase of any region was $.01 in the Central Atlantic, where a gallon of unleaded is $3.57.

    As for individual states, Washington had the largest fuel price increase of the week, where prices rose $.08/gallon for unleaded, with an average price of $3.77/gallon.

    The average price of Unleaded in California broke the $4 barrier for the first time in recent history, reaching $4.02/gallon. In Los Angeles and San Francisco, a gallon of Unleaded is priced the highest in any major city, at $4.06 and $4.04 per gallon.

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