Fuel Prices Rise Another $.04 This Week

  • Fuel Prices Rise Another $.04 This Week

    In today’s US Energy Information Adminstration weekly fuel price report, the USEIA revealed another $.04 increase. The US national average retail fuel price of unleaded gasoline now sits at $3.56/gallon, a gallon of midgrade rose to $3.69, and a gallon of premium rose to $3.80. Fuel prices have now risen $.42 in the last month, and are now at their highest level since September 2008.

    The regional area hit hardest was the West Coast, where the average price for unleaded rose $.08 to $3.84. Next was the Rocky Mountain region where unleaded rose $.06 to an average price of $3.35, though fuel prices are still the lowest there than in any other region. The lowest increase of any region was $.03 in the Gulf Coast, where a gallon of unleaded is $3.43.

    As for individual states, Ohio had the largest fuel price increase of the week, where prices rose $.09/gallon for unleaded, with an average price of $3.54/gallon.

    In Los Angeles and San Francisco, a gallon of Unleaded is priced at $3.97 and $3.96 per gallon. Mid-grade in these cities is now priced above $4.00 for the first time in recent history, at $4.07/gallon.

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