Delek US Holdings Retail Fuel Margins: $.131 Q4 and $.161 FY2010

  • Delek US Holdings Retail Fuel Margins: $.131 Q4 and $.161 FY2010

    Delek US Holdings in their management reports revealed their retail fuel margin results for Q4 2010 and for the entire 2010 fiscal year.

    Retail fuel margins for the fourth quarter were 13.1 cents per gallon, versus 12.9 cents in the fourth quarter of 2009. Retail fuel volumes for Q4 decreased approximately 5 percent from the same quarter a year ago to 103.1 million gallons. But with the decrease in the average number of stores from 450 to 417, that equates to 82,333 gallons per store per month on average, slightly up from last year.

    Management reported Retail Fuel margins for the entire 2010 fiscal year hit $.161 per gallon, compared to $.136 per gallon in FY2009. The annual fuel volume per store per month was 82,500 gallons. According to NACS, the average c-store sells 121,000 gallons of fuel per month annually. That means Delek stores sold about 30% less than the national monthly average.

    Delek closed the fiscal year with 412 sites in operation throughout Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Virginia. Sites are branded under the name MAPCO Express®, MAPCO Mart®, East Coast®, Fast Food and Fuel™, Favorite Markets®, Delta Express® and Discount Food Mart™.

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