EIA Reports US Avg UNL Fuel Prices Decrease $.02

  • EIA Reports US Avg UNL Fuel Prices Decrease $.02

    The US Energy Information Administration today reported national average US fuel prices declined for the second straight week. Regular Unleaded fuel dropped $.02 this week, making it a $.04 drop since 11/15/2010. The average price for Unleaded across the US is now $2.85 per gallon.

    Regionally, Unleaded fuel was almost unchanged across New England and the Mid-Atlantic states, but in the Midwest it dropped on average $.038 this week. In Colorado, the price of Unleaded dropped $.03, but in New York State, Unleaded rose $.015.

    The highest prices for Unleaded were in California, with the average price in Los Angeles hitting $3.16 and in San Francisco $3.18.

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