Electric Charging Stations To Appear At Fuel Sites

  • Electric Charging Stations To Appear At Fuel Sites

    Recently three different retailers have announced they’ll be offering charging stations for electric cars. Two of the three are traditional fuel retailers: BP/Arco, and Murphy. The third retailer to announce the charging stations is Best Buy.

    BP announced they’ll install 45 high-voltage chargers at various BP/Arco gas stations in Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington and Tennessee. These sites are in cities and states that are part of the federally supported Electric Vehicle project, managed by the charging company ECOtality. The Electric Vehicle Project is operating with a $114.8m grant from the US Department of Energy to install 1100 public recharging stations over a three year period. Installation of these chargers at BP/Arco stations is scheduled to begin in March 2011.

    Murphy Oil USA announced they will demonstrate a fast charger station at one of their retail fuel stores in Tennessee. Murphy is working with Eaton Corporation to use the Tennessee store as an initial test of the quick charger before looking at expanding their reach to Murphy’s other 1000 locations.

    The current expectation is that the BP/Arco stations will charge a set dollar amount for two to three minute increments. Their fast chargers will be able to give an electric car 12 to 15 miles worth of power every five minutes. That means their chargers will be able to recharge the Nissan Leaf in 26 minutes.

    Best Buy will offer lower volt charging stations at their stores, where it will take one hour’s worth of charging to provide the same 12 to 15 miles worth of power. Best Buy is considering offering the charging stations through a club membership or frequent-purchaser program.

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