Convenience Store Traffic And Sales Up In Q2

  • Convenience Store Traffic And Sales Up In Q2

    The market research firm NPD Group reports that convenience store traffic and sales were up for the quarter ending June 2010 compared to a year ago. Convenience store traffic was up 8% and sales increased 11% over 2009. This is a reversal in the trend from 2009, when the number of visits was down.

    The report is based on tracking the behavior of 49,999 convenience store shoppers in the USA. Over an average 30 day time period in the second quarter, the average number of visits customers made to a convenience store rose from 6.1 visits in 2009 to 6.4 visits in 2010.

    The number of pay at the pump visits to buy fuel only are virtually the same year over year, while visits to purchase at the store only are increasing. The number of visits to buy both fuel at the pump and items in the store are declining. Consumers say the top two reasons for visiting convenience stores remain “convenience location” and “in-and-out-quickly”.

    The research was reported by National Petroleum News at

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