Retail Fuel Margins Shrink

  • Retail Fuel Margins Shrink

    As reported in CSP News, the latest Lundberg survey of 5000 US gas stations determined that over the past two weeks, the average price of fuel decreased $.42 per gallon. With the price of crude oil increasing $.20 per barrel over that same time period, retail fuel margins shrank by 2.16 cents per gallon.

    So far this year, the combined retail fuel margin of all three grades of gasoline stands at 11.51 cents per gallon, just one tenth of one cent below the retail fuel margins of 2009.

    Such razor thin retail fuel margins continue to reinforce the urgency to manage fuel prices, volumes, and margins with a robust Fuel Pricing Software system. These systems provide the strategic capabilities and speed to the street beyond those provided by simple homegrown Excel systems built for fuel price management.

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