Key Stats from NACS State of the Industry Summit

  • Key Stats from NACS State of the Industry Summit

    On April 14, 2010, the National Association of Convenience Stores presented a summary of 2009 performance statistics at their annual State of the Industy Summit. Key statistical takeways:

    1. Motor fuel sales represent 68.4% of all convenience store sales dollars. That’s despite a 28% drop in fuel prices and a corresponding 26.9% drop in fuel revenue during 2009.
    2. Total gallons of fuel sold rose 1.3% over 2008.
    3. Motor fuels retail fuel margins were at 13.8 cents per gallon.
    4. Motor fuels contribution to the industry’s profit dollars was 27.3%, where in-store sales contributed 72.7% to store profits.


    Once again these statistics reinforce the importance of two things:

    1. Monitoring fuel volume and retail fuel margins require diligence on the part of Fuel Managers, who are responsible for an enormous amount of revenue, at razor thin margins.

    2. While fuel sales contributions to c-store profits may only be one-third of overall in-store profits, there’s no question that effective fuel strategies drive business to that critical profitabilty gained from in-store sales.

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