Fuel Pricing Software Discussion in CSP Article

  • Fuel Pricing Software Discussion in CSP Article

    PriceAdvantage fuel pricing software is featured in a CSP Magazine article titled “From Guts to Gigabytes”, where fuel retailers discuss using fuel price management solutions to optimize, simplify, and accelerate speed-to-street fuel pricing. Murphy Oil and CEFCO are two featured c-store companies in the interview. Here’s an excerpt:


    Things have greatly changed in the month since implementation. Morrow-Cortinez says fuel pricing takes a mere 15 minutes for that location. The software is compatible with the company’s Verifone POS terminal and electronic price sign (also from Skyline), so prices that are input at the home office can also be made directly at the store. “We hit a send button and it goes down and does the rest of the work for us,” she says. “The store personnel, besides being alerted as a message on the register system, don’t have to do a thing.”

    View the entire article here.


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