Sheetz Saves $141,000 Annually With PriceAdvantage Fuels Pricing Software

  • Sheetz Saves $141,000 Annually With PriceAdvantage Fuels Pricing Software

    Skyline Products has recently completed a pilot program, using patent pending PriceAdvantageTM software to help Sheetz reduce costs and markedly increase available customer selling time.

    Mark Wilson, Director of Store Support for Sheetz, was able to achieve these results with Skyline’s patent pending PriceAdvantage software. Wilson piloted the software in 10 stores and changed only two things: 1) the ability to manage and reset electronic price signs remotely from headquarters or from within the store, and 2) the ability to remotely manage prices on the electronic price signs.

    These two improvements translated into forecasted annual savings of $141,000 in service maintenance, and will increase available store manager face time with customers by up to 50 hours annually per store, across 360 stores.

    “The software gave us all of that in a usable, understandable, teachable and trainable package,” Wilson says. “The smarter the systems are that we place in the stores, the better information we have at headquarters. That’s what we look for in technology today. “

    “This is just one example of the tremendous return on investment that we see our customers experiencing regularly with PriceAdvantage. The payback time for the software is short, and the benefits drive directly to top line revenue and profitability.” said Greg Stadjuhar, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Skyline Products.

    Future plans at Sheetz include expanding the pilot program across all 360 stores, and integrating technologies which will allow headquarters to remotely update fuel pricing in the field at the POS, the pump, and the Skyline Electronic Price Display—all from their desktop computer, laptop, or handheld device.

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