Welcome, Par Pacific

  • Welcome, Par Pacific

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    The PriceAdvantage team would like to welcome Par Pacific Holdings as our newest customer and partner. The company will use PriceAdvantage to determine optimal prices and execute faster price changes among their 80+ stores in Hawaii.

    Par Pacific will use the PriceAdvantage cloud offering to automatically send price changes when specific strategy business rules fall within specified market conditions. PriceAdvantage then notifies the fuel team of market anomalies that require review. PriceAdvantage reports and analysis views, along with the integration to PDI and OPIS, allow the fuel team to make the best pricing decisions in this manage-by-exception based model.

    “Speed and accuracy are critical when pricing fuel,” shared Jim Yates, President of Par Hawaii. “PriceAdvantage gives us both by removing so many of the manual processes that tend to either delay prices changes or cause pricing errors. Quite simply, it gives our fuel pricing team a new level of confidence and it provides our executive team with robust store performance reports.”

    Welcome Par Pacific!

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